Tom McAuliffe
Author, food junkie, Singer, Comic, Writer, Content Producer, America, Husband, Father, American

Tom Patrick McAuliffe is a Author living on Florida’s Emerald Coast with his wife Sharon and cat Gigi. He is a former Photojournalist with the US Navy’s Combat Camera Group and a graduate of the DOD’s Mass Communications program at Syracuse University. A magazine Editor and Writer with more than 25 years of by- lines he has written two new books; ‘Mr. Mulligan-The life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe’ and he has also released a book on General Tony ’Nuts’ McAuliffe from WW II. Two other books one on MLB World Champion Baseball Player Dick McAuliffe and another on Teacher Astronaut are ti be released this Fall. Tom is also a musician, Realtor and SCUBA diver. He loves Italian food.

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