Mr Mulligan - The Life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe

Through the turmoil of the Great Depression, the golden days of Vaudeville and World War II, Tommy McAuliffe, who lost both arms in a tragic streetcar accident at the age of nine, thrilled audiences around the world with his golf tricks. Later in life he touched their hearts with this inspiring story and life philosophy. Among his many accomplishments, McAuliffe played with golf legends Bobby Jones, Walter Hagan, and Arnold Palmer. He played golf in 49 states, Australia, and Canada over the course of one year.

He also promoted laws and testified before Congress on rehabilitation and the physically disabled. Tommy McAuliffe was a published author, on-air radio host, actor, public speaker, newspaper reporter, magazine publisher, farmer, and golfer. Tommy McAuliffe's life of overcoming tragedy with grit and humor via the will power of the mind can benefit all who read it. A leader in the fight for equal rights for the disabled, his inspiring outlook will delight golfer and non-golfer alike!

Here's hoping you'll find the life of 'Mr. Mulligan' Tommy McAuliffe champion armless golfer an inspiration. He is a shining example of a man who didn't make excuses and loved life, despite the cards he had been dealt. Golf is a special sport where there is always something to learn, not just on the links, but principles and ideals that can be applied directly to life.


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