Nuts! The Life & Times of General Tony McAuliffe

Nuts! The Life & Times of General Tony McAuliffe

Award-winning Author Tom McAuliffe, chronicles General "Nuts!" McAuliffe's, Siege at Bastogne during WW2's crucial Battle of the Bulge and his 35+ year career defending America.

In 'Nuts!', this true saga of courage and survival is pieced together from many first hand accounts focusing on the General and his men and featuring many rare photographs. But this is a book about not just the battle that defined him but about his 30 years of service in the United States Army.

This is the second volume of the 5-book 'McAuliffe' series and is written by the General's distant relative Tom McAuliffe with able assistance from the General's Nephew Ken McAuliffe.

The siege of Bastogne and the 'Battle of the Bulge' was Germany's last attempt to win the war. McAuliffe was on the edge of history for pivotal events during his more than 35 years on Active Duty; from helping to create innovative war tools like the Duck Amphibious Vehicle, to integrating the Army to testing the Atomic Bomb. 'Nuts' is a special read for any student of courage and the second world war!

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