ALMOST - The Road to the Grande

ALMOST - The Road to the Grande

They came.

They jammed.

They conquered at the corner of Grand River Ave. and Beverly Court!

A scene that rose from the HS Dances and Teen Clubs in the early sixtes from 1965 to 1972 The Grande Ballroom was the epicenter of Rock-n-Roll not only for Detroit but the world.

A who’s who of the greatest bands on the planet played 'The Grande', which was built in 1926; Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, CCR, Pink Floyd and BB King to name just a few.

But among those headliners were the local groups who we loved and became 'stars' in their own wright if only in Michigan; The Frost, SRC, Savage Grace, The Rationals, 3rd Power, Sky, Frijid Pink and early bands like The Gang, Band X and The Wha?. This is their compelling and fun filled story of grit and determination in an effort to play one of the greatest concert dance halls in America. The book also explores the strong vibrant alternative community from The 5th Estate newspaper to WABX FM radio.

Together with hundreds of interviews award winning Author and Detroit native Tom McAuliffe uses 'ALMOST-The Road to the Grande' to recognize and document this special time, music and the local musicians who made it all happen to SRO standing ovations. The Bands you knew and loved finally getting the recognition they so richly deserve. Faaaaaaar out!

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