No Handicaps: The Life Philosophy of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe

No Handicaps: The Life Philosophy of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe

Here is the uplifting true-life philosophy of world-famous champion armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe (1893-1967). First written in 1939 and edited by his grandson Tom Patrick McAuliffe II in 2022. Through the turmoil of the Great Depression, the golden days of Vaudeville and World War II, Tommy McAuliffe, who lost both arms in a tragic streetcar accident at the age of nine, thrilled audiences around the world with his golf tricks and later in life touched their hearts with this inspiring story and life philosophy. One of the original positive thinking proponents his "No Handicaps" approach has touched thousands via articles, appearances, and broadcasts.

Among Tommy McAuliffe's accomplishments:

•Played Golf with Legends Bobby Jones, Walter Hagan, and Arnold Palmer.

•He chipped 282 golf balls into a bushel basket from 20 feet away without missing.

•Played Golf in 49 states, Australia, Canada and Scotland over the course of one year.

•Promoted laws and testified before Congress on rehabilitation and the physically disabled.

•Designed two signature golf shots that have yet to be duplicated.

•Raised four wonderful children and sixteen grandchildren.

Tommy McAuliffe's life philosophy of overcoming tragedy with grit and humor via the will power of the mind proves his theory that "the only real handicap in life is a mental one!"


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