Nuts! The Life & Times of General Tony McAuliffe

Nuts! The Life & Times of General Tony McAuliffe

Nuts! The Life & Times of General Tony McAuliffe

Award winning Author Tom McAuliffe, chronicles General "Nuts!" McAuliffe's, Siege at Bastogne during WW2's crucial Battle of the Bulge and his 35+ year career defending America.

Early in December 1944, Nazi gunfire shattered the silence of the huge Ardennes forest of Belgium causing widespread panic and eventual devastation. In a last attempt to win the war Hitler gambled it all and ten armored German divisions sporting the newly improved 'Tiger' Panzer tank, as well as 25 infantry divisions launched towards the Allied line which stretched 800 to 1000 miles from Holland in the North across to France in the South. Their mission was to fight their way through the American and British defenses, reduce their will to fight and reach the city and supplies of Antwpt. Adolf Hitler wanted to replicate his stunning triumphs of 1940, when he swept over the exact same region. The surprise German offensive had created a huge 'bulge' in the front lines and had encircled the historic 16th-Century crossroad town of Bastogne leaving less than 500 men of the 101st Airborne and the 10th Armored Division stranded and alone in the dead of winter under the command of colorful US Army General Tony McAuliffe.

In 'Nuts!', this true saga of courage and survival is pieced together from many first hand accounts focusing on the General and his men and featuring many rare photographs. But this is a book about not just the battle that defined him but about his 30 years of service in the United States Army.

This is the second volume of the 5-book 'McAuliffe' series and is written by the General's distant relative Tom McAuliffe with able assistance from the General's Nephew Ken McAuliffe.

The siege of Bastogne and the 'Battle of the Bulge' was Germany's last attempt to win the war and was thee pivotal event on the road to allied victory in WWII. McAuliffe was on the edge of history for pivotial events

during his more than 35 years on Active Duty; from helping to create innovative war tools like the Duck Amphibous Vehical, to intergrating the Army to testing the Atomic Bomb. 'Nuts' is a special read for any student of courage and the second world war.

'Nuts! The Life & Times of General Tony McAuliffe' is available as an eBook, Paperback and Audiobook on Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Apple and at your favorite independent media store.

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